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LEFT HAND Lifting lugs for cargo containers RIGHT HAND
Left Hand Lug The lifting lugs are Handed, this is indicated by a protrusion or "EAR" on periphery that coincides with thumb on corresponding hand as shown here. Unless supplied via a third party they are colour coded after PORT and STARBOARD colour convention RED for LEFT and GREEN for RIGHT Right Hand Lug
Handing for Normal Use
Right Hand Lug/Corner Box Slings or strops should be for either side or end lifting see Slinging Right Hand Lug/Corner Box
For purpose of explanation only, the corner box aperture faces are shown colour coded, therefore, lugs should normally be used in the appropriate left hand or right hand aperture as shown here. Instructions for use are found under Normal Lifting.
Reversed Hand Lifting in Exceptional Circumstances
Note that for any corner fitting the adjacent faces are of opposite hand. If, when in use, access to appropriate aperture is denied, then Reverse Handing situation is presented and instructions for use in this case are given in the above link.