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Bottom Side/End Lifting Arrangements for MAXIMUM LOADS
This Lifting Lug has an operating range of 45o either side of the vertical but for normal use, slings are either vertical or angled inwards as shown in diagrams below. The following Tables (to be used as a guide only) show the limiting lifting angles for the more common 20ft, 40ft containers and flats and their corresponding maximum weights. They are evaluated for both Central Centre of Gravity and when Centre of Gravity is offset by 5% as stated in BS ISO 3874:1997 (The following information takes 5% eccentricity in both longitudinal and transverse direction into account, unlike previous editions that the latest edition replaces, this latest directive does not mention any limiting transverse eccentricity). They can be used to lift SWAP BODIES providing that the inboard lifting points are standard ISO corner fittings and that the lug can operate as specified in the Instructions ie after inserting it must not encounter any obstruction that prevents the lug from freely rotating to lifting position. It is for this reason that this Lug cannot be used in corner fittings having an overhanging flange above the aperture as fitted to European containers that are 8ft wide internally. For any given lifting arrangement the limiting angle is determined by either the physical constraints of the lug mechanism ie 45o or the WLL of the lug, see Legend below for colour coding of diagrams. The two WLL's of 8.5 Ton and 12 Ton are for use with 16mm and 20mm nominal chain sizes respectively having same WLL's, suitable cables can also be used.
This information is based on Maximum Container Loads specified in these Tables and the WWL of Lugs and is for use as a guide only. Product Developments (Eng) Ltd. cannot accept Liability for loss or damage arising from the use of this information.
Operators must check that for their sling arrangement and lifting loads that the appropriate Lug is selected.
Limiting Lifting Angles when SIDE Lifting with MAXIMUM LOADS
Freight 20ft Box 20ft Flat 40ft Box 40ft Flat
20320 kg 25400 kg 30480 kg 33530 kg
20 Ton 25 Ton 30 Ton 33 Ton
Central Centre of Gravity
Centre of Gravity offset by 5%
Full Angle Range Limited Angle Range Out of Range
Limiting Lifting Angles when END LIFTING with MAXIMUM LOADS
End Lifting May be undertaken using chains suspended vertically or via TWO LEG SLINGS who's included angle is determined by the limiting load. Such lifting angles are derived from the same limiting lifting angles used for side lifting. Again the lifting angles are determined by either lug geometry (when lug load is less than WLL) or induced WLL.
It is appreciated that such short slings as depicted in some cases shown opposite would not be practical but as stated they do define the limiting lifting angles when lifting maximum loads.
Freight 20ft Box 20ft Flat 40ft Box 40ft Flat
20320kg 25400kg 30480kg 33530kg
20 Ton 25 Ton 30 Ton 33 Ton
Central Centre of Gravity
Centre Gravity offset by 5%
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