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Product Information
This Lifting Lug, known as the PRESTON SHOE, was developed in the 1970's at the request of the local dock labour force to provide a safe reliable device for lifting containers and flats from the bottom corner fittings. It is for use with any freight unit fitted with standard ISO corner fittings in either side or end corner box apertures. Product complies with all applicable ISO standards and "EC Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations". Each lug is tested to twice WLL as stipulated by "ILO Table of Test Loads" and issued with a Certificate of Conformity.

Lifting Lug Description
Lug comprises the body, retaining head and collar, all manufactured from high strength alloy steel forgings. The retaining head and collar have the same profile as corner box aperture. Retaining head is fixed to the body whilst the collar, in tandem with the retaining head, rotates through a limited arc angle allowing for insertion and retention of the Lug in the corner box. The body contains a lug (shackle bush) for attaching it to a sling or strop via a screw-pin shackle or chain connector. See Product Range for further details.
The Lugs are Handed
A set of four comprises 2 LEFT and 2 RIGHT
These Lugs were designed to suit 16mm and 20mm chain having SWL's of 8.5t and 12t respectively, for manual use it is important to keep the combined weight of lug plus shackle or connector to a minimum. The two lugs normally made are the STANDARD and the UNIVERSAL ypes
Standard 8.5t WLL
The Standard type has a WLL of 8.5t with lug hole of 32mm dia. suitable for US Fed Spec 8.5 t shackle and 16mm chain connectors.
Universal 12t WLL
This type, having a 38mm dia. hole can accomodate US Fed Spec 12t shackles and 20mm 12t alloy steel chain connectors.