Lug Description

Lug Description

Diagram showing lifting lug composition
Lug comprises the body, retaining head and collar, all manufactured from high strength alloy steel forgings. The retaining head and collar have the same profile as corner box aperture. The retaining head, is at one end of a shaft contained in the body to which it is rigidly attached, whilst the collar, in tandem with the retaining head, rotates through a limited arc angle allowing for insertion and retention of the Lug in the corner fitting. The body contains a lug (shackle bush) for attaching it to a sling or strop via screw-pin shackle or chain connector.

Basic Lug Geometry

Lifting lug geometry
The body, designed as a forging and manufactured from alloy steel, is heat treated to give maximum strength and resistance to abraision. The most highly stresses part, the integral shaft and retaining head is made from material having the same condition as that for Lifting Twistlock given in BS5237 1985. The lug bush hole can be machined to suit any appropriate connectors. Current production bush hole diameters are 32mm and 38mm for 8.5ton and 12ton respectively.

Ultimate Load Test

Prior to general release, a test to destruction was conducted on one of these lugs, and terminated at 64.6 tons for safety reasons.The lug sustained deformation but without failure of any component parts.
Set of 4 (two of each hand) Rated at 8.5ton WLL or 12ton WLL per lug.
These Lugs were designed to suit 16mm and 20mm chains having WLL's of 8.5ton and 12ton respectively. For manual use it is important to keep the combined weight of lug plus shackle, or connector, to a minimum. The two lugs normally supplied are the STANDARD and UNIVERSAL types.
Left Hand Lug colour RED STANDARD 8.5t WLL
Lug hole is 32mm dia hole suitable for US Fed Spec 8.5ton shackles and for 8ton 16mm grade 80 alloy steel chain connector
Factor of Safety 7
Right Hand Lug colour GREEN UNIVERSAL 12t WLL
Lug hole is 38mm diameter, suitable for US Fed Spec 12ton shackles and 20mm 12ton grade 80 alloy steel chain connector.
Factor of Safety 5


Product Range

Standard and Universal Lugs with typical chain end connectors

Chain end connectors other than those shown here are available but should have the same WLL as the lugs, chain or cable used for lifting slings.
Shackles must be to US High Load Fed. Specification and the Universal 12ton WLL lug can be connected to 12ton WLL shackle (not shown here) but the combined weight, together with chain is considerable and should only be used in exceptional circumstances.

WLL 8.5 Ton

Lug and Bow Shackle
WLL 8.5 Ton Lug with Bow Shackle Weight 5.2kg

WLL 8.5 Ton

Lug and Dee Shackle WLL 8.5 Ton Lug with Dee Shackle Weight 5.1kg

WLL 12 Ton

Lug and 20mm chain connector WLL12 Ton Lug with chain connector Weight 5.4kg

WLL *8 Ton

Lug and 16mm chain connector WLL 8.5 Ton Lug with chain connector Weight 5.1kg
* Note that WLL of chain and connector for 16mm Grade 80 steel is 8 ton and not 8.5ton.


Lifting Lug set of 4

8.5 ton WLL
12 ton WLL
Screw Pin 'D' shackle. Per unit
8.5 ton WLL
12 ton WLL
Chain Connector Grade 80. Per unit
16mm chain WLL
20mm chain WLL
8 ton (8.07 t )
12.3 ton (12.5t)